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HRIF Family Handout

The Family Handout is designed as a resource for HRIF Clinics to use to educate families on the services provided as part of a standard HRIF visit. The handout also includes information on key milestones by age and when families should reach out to a doctor if they are concerned about their child's development. 

HRIF Clinics are encouraged to download the handout and add clinic specific contact information. 

To include contact information:

  1. Download the "HRIF Handout with example text" file from the "Additional PDFs" sections. 
  2. Open the handout in Adobe Acrobat Pro
  3.  Click "Edit PDF"
  4. Scroll down to the grey footer on the first page and enter your clinic's contact information where it says "XYZ HRIF Clinic"
  5. OPTIONAL: If you have a clinic logo, delete the "Clinic Logo Here" box. Then click on "Add Image" to add your clinic's logo to the left of the CPQCC logo. Resize the image so it is the same size as the other two logos. 
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on page two of the handout
  7. Save PDF
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October 2019