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Perinatal Quality Improvement Panel

The Perinatal Quality Improvement Panel (PQIP) is a volunteer body of California neonatologists, NICU nurses, and other healthcare professionals with expertise in quality improvement. The panel guides all of CPQCC’s quality improvement activities including choosing collaborative topics, creating toolkits, and designing innovative QI models. PQIP’s four committees serve as action arms for the panel by creating and disseminating tools and information that help CPQCC members implement PQIP’s QI recommendations. CPQCC benefits from an average of 100 hours of volunteer time a month from this committed group of individuals.

PQIP Structure

  • PQIP: Sets CPQCC's quality improvement agenda and strategy, chooses topics for QI collaboratives, and assigns projects to the subcommittees.
  • Education Committee: Develops opportunities and materials that educate members on perinatal quality improvement.
  • QI Infrastructure Committee: creates, designs, and promotes quality improvement toolkits that feature the best available evidence for selected perinatal practices.
  • Research Committee: Designs and implements quality improvement research projects.
  • Data Interface and Opportunities Committee (DIOC): Constructs and deploys tools that help NICUs interpret their data and use it for quality improvement.

Aida Simonian

Chief Executive Officer

Afshan Abbasi


Irfan Ahmad

Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at UC Irvine

Vasudha Arora


Lisa Bain

Clinical Instructor, Neonatology

Malathi Balasundaram

Attending Neonatologist ECH & LPCH NICU

David Braun

Regional Physician Coordinator of Neonatology

Courtney Breault

Associate Director of Quality

Beate Danielsen


Kamakshi Devarajan

Attending Neonatologist

Ravi Dhurjati

Research Scientist

Neil Finer


Balaji Govindaswami

Chief, Division of Neonatology; Director NICU and HRIF

Jae Hong Kim

Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Priya Jegatheesan

Director, MICC, Division of Neonatology

Maria A.L. Jocson

Public Health Medical Officer

Ambrisha Joshi


Alexandria Kristensen-Cabrera

Ashwini Lakshmanan

Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Population and Public Health Sciences

Melissa Liebowitz

Assistant Professor

April McDonald

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Brian Montenegro

Attending Neonatologist

Mindy Morris

Guadalupe Padilla-Robb

Assistant Clinical Professor

Rohit Passi

Voluntary Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Attending Neonatologist

Kurlen Payton

Associate Clinical Director

Pedro Paz

Associate NICU Medical Director

Asha Puri

Associate Clinical Director, NICU

Jenny Quinn

Clinical Practice Manager, NICU

William Rhine

Professor of Pediatrics

Rebecca Robinson

Administrative Director

Elizabeth Rogers

Co-Director, Intensive Care Nursery Follow-up Program

Catherine Rottkamp

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Rachelle Sey

Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist

Jennifer Shepherd

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Terri Slagle

Chief of Neonatology

Antoine Soliman

NICU Medical Director

Sohini Stone

Medical Director

Giang Truong

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Richard Vanwoerkom


Sunshine Weiss


Fiona Wertheimer

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

David Wirtschafter


Eileen Yamada

Public Health Medical Officer, MCAH Division